Ashlee – “Alone With You”

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Ashlee’s viral success of her independent single “Alone With You.” Building steady momentum, the music video directed by Ronald Reid is quickly approaching 2 million streams on YouTube while the audio has surpassed a combined 9 million plays on the video-sharing website. The original audio has 3 million views and several dance versions of the song have generated millions of streams. “Alone With You (Felea Emanuel Remix)” has 2.3 million plays, “Alone With You (Robert Cristian Remix)” versions have played more than 2.7 millions times, and “Alone With You (Creative Ades Remix)” mixes have more than 1.3 million views.
The response is warranted, given Ashlee’s talent, appeal and collaboration with producer jonxlewis who heads Supreme Legacy Entertainment. Ashlee’s seductive falsetto and self-penned lyrics provide a sexual empowerment anthem for women as she calls the shots over jonxlewis’ sexy, mid-tempo ballad.
Ashlee, 23, wanted the song to capture a female perspective about sex. “My whole purpose for the song came from real place, being the woman and me being the dominant one and in a sensual setting,” Ashlee says. “I tried to portray that. I wanted to make the act of sex not just about men. A lot of times it’s just for men, but no it’s for women too.”