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Blu Jasmine is not a household name in music as of yet, but you can find her on Instagram under the handle @blujasmine. She is known for being a sexy vixen in many of your favorite comedic skits. Now, the rockstar diva from New York is quickly building her reputation in the music industry. Today, Blu Jasmine drops her debut single “Fight Back” on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Moreover, in true rockstar style, Blu Jas simultaneously releases the music video to “Fight Back.”

As a Bronx native, Blu describes NYC as the land of challenges and opportunity, and Blu Jasmine has had her fair share of both sides. She has been writing music for the past few years then fell into creating skits with comedic influencers throughout New York and Miami. After gaining success on IG, Blu Jasmine is now putting her full attention into her music.

“Fight Back” is an aggressive pop/ hip hop single that depicts her blunt and in your face; unapologetically attitude.