Sexy Of The Week – Meet Dallas

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Dallas has made a name for herself not only as a talented emcee but also a talented producer and songwriter.  She has produced and wrote songs like her popular dance hit “Body Moves” which has started dance challenges on social media overseas. Dallas is especially known for promoting female unity and her mission to unify the female presence in the hip-hop culture by sharing different forms of women empowerment.



Dallas states what separates me from other artist is I don’t want to be typecast in any way and known as another female artist that only sell the image of sex. As a strong intelligent female emcee I want to sell true substance as well as all the stories that I have that I hope inspires people to be the best versions of themselves and never give up on their dreams by any means”. Not only a student of the hip hop culture Dallas is employed as a physical education teacher in NYC and is currently working on officially organizing her charity O.Y.C.B.Y (Only You Can Be You) for talented youth and young people.



Turn ons 

– Dope Sense of Humor 

– Intelligence (Books & Streets) 

– Good Teeth 

– Positivity 

– Basketball 



Turn offs 

– Negativity aka Vibe Killers 

– Bad Breath 

– Egos 

– Cigarettes

– People Who Can’t Cook 



Instagram: @its_dallas89