Shanell aka SNL Substitute Lover

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The lost files! This visual was created during the release of the Taste of Shanell Project. The visual tells the story of a girl played by Singer song writer ShanelSNL who gets broken up with by her “side boyfriend” played by singer song writer Lucky Daye, who is fed up with waiting to become her number one. It was directed and produced by ShanellSNL and Victor Jackson with the help of their friends. With all of them being dancers, makeup artist, visual designers and recording artist, they took matters into their own hands when the label took to long to support the project. The budget for this production was a few pizzas, a couple bottles of vodka and great ideas from great people! All props, even the beds where pieces everyone brought in to created the narrative. This video was never able to be release because the videographer decided to run off with the footage and wasn’t reachable until a year and a half later. By then Shanell was already into her next project “Shut up N Listen” and releasing Substitute Lover didn’t make sense.